Case Study:

Change Management

Training and strategic communications to help a resistant audience embrace change



A branch of the US Department of Defense needed to explain new requirements to 27,000 employees, in preparation for the agency’s first Congressionally-mandated audit. The client recognized their employees might be resistant to the many changes to long-standing and complicated internal processes, and they needed a range of highly engaging media products to support the enterprise change management approach.


For this multifaceted concern, BLS created a variety of instructional products and media to support the change management effort, including e-learnings, custom graphics, motion graphics and animations. As the exclusive provider of video services for this project, BLS handled all scripting, filming b-roll of client functions, conducting interviews with leadership, post-production editing and mixing, delivery in various media formats, and management of the distribution of multimedia products. We even created a Schoolhouse Rock-style video, complete with an original song and hand-drawn animation, to introduce employees to a vital (but somewhat boring) process and online tool for sharing and vetting their best ideas across the agency.