Case Study:

Changing Behavior

Harnessing drama to spotlight cultural problems and illustrate solutions



Responding to increased public scrutiny on high-profile cases of sexual harassment and assault, a US military branch needed to make their mandatory sexual assault prevention training more effective and engaging to drive behavior and mindset changes.


After comprehensive analysis of academic research, focus groups, and interviews with personnel and nationally recognized subject matter experts, BLS proposed an instructional strategy that called for greater realism and more emotionally engaging storylines. We developed scripts and filmed three different videos for separate audiences on bystander intervention, sexual harassment/assault prevention, and victimology. The finished videos were accompanied by redesigned facilitator guides with discussion questions and tools to support instructors (who are often assigned this role as an additional duty) in leading effective, paradigm-shifting conversations based on the video scenarios. As part of the annual mandatory training, these BLS videos continue to reach a yearly audience of more than 2 million servicemembers, civilian employees, and military families.